2013 Races

Races for 2013

February 22-23 - Ragnar Del Sol Ultra
March 2 - Old Pueblo 50 Miler
April 20 Cottonwood Marathon
May 27 - Sage Burner Trail 50k
September 7 - Imogene Pass Run


No run for me

I have my first really long race this weekend.  I know it is a taper week, but I thought I would get out and stretch my legs before work tonight. Instead, I have my feet up with a cat on my chest, a dog curled next to me and another cat curled up on a chair. It is so peaceful here with the sun streaming through the window that I can't bring myself to disturb everyone.
Looking through the blinds it looks like yesterday's wind has let up and it might be warming up finally.  A great day for a run, but a better day for snuggles it seems.


Cholla Chicks finished #Ragnards. Yes we rock!!

Last night at about 6:45pm Cholla Chicks finished their second all girl ultra!
Can I just say, we were amazing!!   The race was relatively stress free.  We did have issues, but man are these girls good at overcoming obstacles.  One team member cracked her head open 3 weeks ago, another raced on a foot with a stress fracture, 2 of them are mid iron man training and I have my first 50 mile ultra trail race next weekend.  We just don't let life get in the way of fun stuff. 

Cholla Chicks
 This is a really high energy bunch of girls!  We were either being crazy or sound asleep.  (you need to sleep to retain energy). 
This was a tough race.  Sleep deprivation aside, we had some issues to overcome.  Nerves and cold weather brought nausea and GI issues.  That is pretty much par for many races.  You never know what your body is going to do when it reacts to stress.  It was worth it though.  Amazing fun.  I smiled through ever leg of the race.  My first leg I busted out amazing PR's. I am not a fast runner usually, I have endurance, NOT speed. Competitiveness overcame me; I made every person who passed me really work for it!  In the end, only one guy passed me on that leg and he earned the right.  He blew past me without even breathing hard.  Nobody else could catch me.  Yay!!!  (That is a first!!)

MandiwithanI and I--that's me with the upside down headband

Chollas in the cholla
I should have taken pictures of all of the food I ate.  I am surprised I didn't get sick.  I ate bacon rice cakes, a bag of cookies, quinoa cakes, pickles, cashews, a sausage egg McMuffin, candy, beef jerky, peanut M&M's, moon pie, coffee,  2 sandwiches and other random stuff, all before my first leg of the race!!  I think I have an iron gut.
Can you imagine being in a van with 7 other people (we had 2 drivers)  for 35 hours and not fighting at all?  That was us!! Pure awesomeness. 
Our awesome ride!!  Thanks Kwazadilla!

Cholla Chick founders Amy, Mandi and Sue

We finished!!  Yay!!
Like I said! Awesome trip, awesome race, awesome volunteers, awesome support.  I couldn't have asked for better!!