2013 Races

Races for 2013

February 22-23 - Ragnar Del Sol Ultra
March 2 - Old Pueblo 50 Miler
April 20 Cottonwood Marathon
May 27 - Sage Burner Trail 50k
September 7 - Imogene Pass Run


It's been a while since I have written here.  I have been busy with my new job which I really love but it takes me away from training and writing.  The Cholla Chicks running group is becoming more and more successful every day. 
A fantastic group of people have become part of it so it is chugging along beautifully and I always have someone to run with. :)
I LOVE that.
I have been wearing Altra Running shoes exclusively for the 8 months and I LOVE THEM!!
I run trails in the Lone Peaks.  I have gone through 2 pairs already.  For my long road runs I wear Torins which have a bit more cushion than the Instinct (the most popular shoe they make).  I have worn out 3 pairs of those.
I even started wearing the Torins to work.  They work great for all of the miles I put on my feet while waiting tables.
All in all things are pretty good.  I have nothing really exciting to report other than life is great, I love running, I love my Altra Running shoes and I love being part of the Cholla Chicks.
I am a pretty lucky girl.
Signing off,