2013 Races

Races for 2013

February 22-23 - Ragnar Del Sol Ultra
March 2 - Old Pueblo 50 Miler
April 20 Cottonwood Marathon
May 27 - Sage Burner Trail 50k
September 7 - Imogene Pass Run


Post Colorado, gearing up for races and ...

Hello there all!
It's been a week-ish.  I went to Durango and had a BLAST!  Brought Steve the dog for his first camping/hiking trip.  He was so well behaved and up for pretty much anything.  We went to Carver's Brewery for dinner and breakfast, delicious!  We also went to Steamworks where I had the Cajun Boil.  I had been craving this since the 4th of July weekend.  It was amazing!!  They also had this delicious beer,Ale Diablo it was a Golden Belgian brewed with Gewurztraminer grapes.  Holy Cow! it was good!!!!  They have one that they will be opening and serving for $1 tastes and $2 pulls August 5th.  It is another Golden Belgian brewed with tart cherries and champagne yeast.  Doesn't that sound SO amazing?  If anybody is up in Durango in 2 weekends I suggest stopping in for Fikkin Friday. 
So, the trip was a blast filled with fun times and delicious beers!  We went hiking, but just a few times, I took Steve on a 12 mile out and back hike on the Colorado Trail.  I met a gentleman who was hiking from Denver...430+ miles...Awesome!  Had delicious coffee, thanks Durango Joe's.  Great trip!
Now, I am going to have to figure out how to add pictures.
Today I am back with the girls.  We did a 7 mile run followed by coffee!  After the run, we had 2 joiners for coffee, Ginger and Terrin, they finished their mountain bike ride and joined the morning festivities. 


morning coffee and second morning coffee

Today has been awesome!!  It's only 11 am I have had a great day!  Got in a good morning run w Les and guest Adam, had coffee with them, started my chores and then I received a call from Ginger!!  Yay!  She wanted to come over and talk about her trip to do the Vineman.  I was super excited, so we had coffee, she brought over hard-boiled eggs and then I made a frittata.  YUM.  (You can never have too many eggs...screw  the cholesterol mythology)  Ginger even brought me a bottle of Big Red from Hop Kiln Winery.  Woot, Woot!
Anyway, what a great beginning to a day.  Now I get to do laundry, clean house, pack for my trip, oh, and look for a job.....  :)


Mind Over Fecal Matter

Got stuff to do?  Why not start your run at 4:30?  Last night this seemed like a good idea.  This morning, not so much.  After the run?  Absolutely!  First breakfast by 7 am and second breakfast by 9 am, what a brilliant idea! 
So, what do you talk about during those early hours?  Pooping of course!  As we ran the hills of Arcadia we spoke of how running has made it easier to go and what other things have helped us. The conversation helped the run go faster, and of course made us all need to go.  No coffee time after the run; today everyone went home to take care of business...
After the mornings business I was able to settle down to the business of  finding a job and blogging.

So started the day!


canal with trails M and L by suespeidel at Garmin Connect - Details

canal with trails M and L by suespeidel at Garmin Connect - Details

Today was a great run! Lesley, Mandi and I; not terribly fast, but a nice pace, especially considering the heat. Post run coffee was nice as always, although the summer is bringing the mosquitoes.
L and I introduced M to the TV series, Firefly, a cowboy space show. Awesome.


This AM run and coffee

I got up for my 5AM run @ 5:45. Ha! Good thing Mandi decided to sleep in too.  So, an easy 7 miles, didn't feel too great, but ok.  The coffee part was awesome, as always.  Coffee always makes the run worth it. Or maybe it's the camaraderie....
I just got the best news, my friend Amy PR'd her half marathon!!!  Congrats to Amy!  Take Bryce Canyon half by the balls!!!!!!


resumes and interviews

I had my sent out my first resume 2 days ago, followed by my first interview.  Weird and scary!!  and fun!!!???? I can't believe I am enjoying this job hunt thing so much.  It is fun and scary.  It's funny, not pounding the pavement, instead pounding the WWW. Ha ha!  Anyway, I don't think the interview went great, it was ok, I was just super nervous. More to come; soon I hope!


Canal with L by suespeidel at Garmin Connect - Details

Canal with L by suespeidel at Garmin Connect - Details

So, I did it! I got my butt off of the chair and went for a run. Only 5 miles, but the point is, I DID IT!! Woot, Woot! The moral of the story is, even if you don't feel like it, you can do it!

should I stay or should I go?

Wow!  I am sitting on my porch in July in PHX, sipping coffee; it's only 78 degrees and I feel LAZY!  I should run, work up a good sweat, and be motivated for the rest of the day.  I SHOULD enjoy this beautiful weather while I can, but I can't seem to get out of this chair.  I am feeling pretty glorious.  Hmmm...I am going to sit here, drink my coffee and decide....


Untitled by suespeidel at Garmin Connect - Details

Untitled by suespeidel at Garmin Connect - Details

Here is my morning run it was fun with Mandi and Ginger. 2 of my girls, YAY. Nice pre race run for Ginger, she is doing the half vineman this weekend. What a rockstar.


Life after the restaurant business

I think there will be more of this in the future.  I owned a restaurant for 13 years.  It was my life.  I ate and slept and breathed Orange Table.  I recently sold it (traded it to get out of debt).  It was a good idea (i think, most of the time.)  Man, it is weird though.  I imagine it is like life without kids.  I am trying to figure out what to do next, but I keep coming up blank.

Untitled by suespeidel at Garmin Connect - Details

Untitled by suespeidel at Garmin Connect - Details

today was a great run!!! I had fun with Mandi. Drank coffee and enjoyed the morning. All that wonder followed with a breakfast of spaghetti and potato salad...YUM!


early mornings

I slept in today.  I got out of bed at 5am and made coffee.  I have been sitting on my front patio for an hour sipping coffee enjoying the cool after storm air.  Ahh this is so nice.  Arizona is so beautiful, surviving through the heat is so worth it. Lucky dog am I.


woot! woot! 16 miler

Today had to be one of the best 16 mile runs I have ever done.  I enjoyed hanging with my ladies.  They are the greatest and very gifted and inspiring.  I am so lucky!