2013 Races

Races for 2013

February 22-23 - Ragnar Del Sol Ultra
March 2 - Old Pueblo 50 Miler
April 20 Cottonwood Marathon
May 27 - Sage Burner Trail 50k
September 7 - Imogene Pass Run


My First Super Long Trail Run

This weekend was the test.  I have been training for my first 50 mile trail run. http://www.oldpueblo50.com/
This was my chance to test myself.  I had the opportunity to do a trail marathon "fun run" with a bunch of Ultra runners.  (I was allowed in!!  Yeah!!)  They even made sure I finished and someone even kept me company.  I made him tell me stories of his adventures all day while I huffed and puffed along...
Ok, let's start from the beginning:
I woke up at 5 and left my house at 5:45 to drive an hour to a trail head in the desert.  Spur Cross in Cave Creek, AZ.  It is beautiful desert out there.

I woke up and it was drizzling. Usually my wimp alert goes off.  This time I had to prove myself.  I drove out to the desert and parked my car, got out and met a bunch of new people. 
We started the run just after 7am. 26 miles of desert running, YAY!!  Usually, in our area this means loose rock with lots of climbing and descending.  This time it meant river crossings as well.  There were a few places with boards to cross the water.  There were several places where I actually had to GET IN THE WATER!! It was fantastic!!
The whole day was like that; water, mud, fog, rain, rocks, climbing and descending. It was truly a wonderful experience.  At the end of it all (8 hours later--I know, I know, I am not fast.) I proved to myself that I WILL be able to do a 50 miler.  I wasn't terribly sore.  I was tired and hungry, but I did it.
If I can do it, anyone can.  It is true. It takes time, patience and training but you can do it too.
I would love to hear your stories.  GO!

Robert promoting

Look at the FOG!!

Travis our aid station- he was great!

Me with my new friend Robert


  1. You are so amazing. I wanna cry!

    Cannot wait to see you finish your 50miler.

    YOU are going to do GREAT!!!


  2. Ditto! I love watching you tackle SUPER TOUGH STUFF always with a smile on your face and a good story to go with! I too, can't wait to see you tell this 50-miler race who's the boss-lady!

  3. I know! I fear for the trail you attack!